Scott Eastwood allegedly tried to pull a fast one and pose as a city official while taking down banners protesting a massive development project … but he got caught in the act and it’s all on video.

Here’s the deal … folks in Del Mar, CA are protesting a proposed luxury resort atop 16.5 acres of oceanfront land north of San Diego, and they’re voicing concerns with signs and banners around the town.

Scott showed up to a demonstration Sunday at the Del Mar Plaza, telling protesters he was with the city and ordering them to take down signs and banners … at least according to folks on the ground.

Check out this video … protesters recognize Scott, who is busy screwing with a banner, and tell him they’ve got prior approval to keep the signs up. Clint Eastwood’s son realizes he’s been outed, and he smirks before hightailing it outta there as people start hurling insults.

It’s interesting … Scott owns a bar and some small businesses in the area, and protesters are under the impression he’s an investor in the proposed resort.

We reached out to reps for the actor … no word back, so far.

New Layout + 2018 Appearances Added

New Layout + 2018 Appearances Added

I’ve finally have added a new layout which means the site is fully on WordPress. It took me a while to figure and transfer the sidebar and stuff over and getting all the kinks out. I’ve taken a break (almost a year!) on the site but I’ve managed to add over 400 photos of appearances Scott has done in 2018!

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– Home > Public Appearances > 2018 > 24 March- Hilarity For Charity Sixth Annual Variety Show In Los Angeles
– Home > Public Appearances > 2018 > 3 May- Longchamp Fifth Avenue Store Opening In New York City
– Home > Public Appearances > 2018 > 10 December- Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures ‘The Mule’ In Los Angeles

Eastwood Has Magical But Potentially Dangerous Close Encounter with Orcas While in Mexico

Scott Eastwood encountered a group of wild orcas while vacationing in Mexico.

Eastwood, 32, shared moments from the magical yet slightly scary encounter on Instagram Wednesday.

“Stopped at some random beach along the coast of Baja to get a beer, and while eating lunch saw a group of Orcas out in the bay,” Eastwood captioned the video.

“We grabbed the paddle boards yelling at each other to paddle faster thinking we lost them until @parkstrailtale started making orca noises and slapping the water with his paddle. They turned around and came in to check us out!! Dory was right. We do speak,” Eastwood added in reference to the animated film Finding Nemo.

In the clip, Eastwood and a friend can be seen paddling in the middle of a body of water as two orcas — who are also known as killer whales —swim below their boat. Shortly after, Eastwood realizes he isn’t alone at sea and the whales emerge for a quick breath.

They then swam away without causing any harm to Eastwood or his friend.

While most fans were in awe of the beautifully captured moment, others warned Eastwood of the dangers of orcas.

“Woow you were just one slap away from death. Do you know they are hunters… they do know nothing about people,” one fan wrote.

Eastwood later shared a photo of himself drinking beer on his Instagram Stories, letting fans know he survived the encounter.

“Post swimming with apex predators Coors Light. Good to be alive still,” Eastwood wrote. 

Although apex predators, orcas are not typically known to harm people. However, the story of Tilikum has scared many away from the large mammals. 

Tilikum, a male orca nicknamed Tilly, grew widely known in 2013 after being featured in the CNN documentary Blackfish.

The massive animal, who lived in captivity at Sealand of the Pacific in Canada and SeaWorld Orlando, was responsible for the killings of three people including a Sealand instructor as well as a homeless man.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls Screencaptures + Stills

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Happy Birthday Scott!

Today is Scott’s 32nd birthday today. We on behalf of Scott-Eastwood.com / Scott-Eastwood.org would like to wish Scott the best birthday ever and hope to see him on the big screen very soon! If you would like to, feel free to leave birthday wishes below.

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