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Scott Eastwood – Like Father, Like Son

Scott Eastwood – Like Father, Like Son

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NOBLEMAN – It’s another perfect sunny morning in Southern California as I snake my way down the Pacific Coast Highway for a meeting with movie star Scott Eastwood. (Since he’s the son of film legend Clint Eastwood, here’s an obligatory reference to Hollywood royalty.) The meeting spot is the spectacular Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club. The resort has become an icon in the renowned coastal community of Dana Point, California.

No topic for the upcoming discussion has been placed off-limits. The horizon is clear and open, and I’m interested in getting to know more about this intriguing figure. What was it like growing up with a mega-famous father? Were huge expectations placed upon him? How did Scott transform himself from bartender to successful model to international movie star?

I’m excited as I approach the private beach club. This is a jewel of a location, nestled right against the Pacific Ocean. For centuries, even millennia, humans have had a love affair with the beach—a place that can be both life-giving and life-changing, where rich sensory experiences are as ancient as the Earth itself, yet fresh and enticing. The photography for the cover shoot takes place mostly on the sand, but we sit down for our chat at an indoor-outdoor bar area, where we experience the ocean breeze in laid-back luxury.

Meanwhile, a delightful whirlwind of activity unfolds. Talented folks do jobs from handling photography equipment to laying out catering—all the important behind-the-scenes activity that goes into creating content. Even though people are busy, the mood is breezy and light, just like the ambiance. Everyone seems excited and grateful just to be working again!

So here we are, sitting at a nice large table that overlooks the beach. The early morning air is cool, but not as cool as the charismatic, handsome, and successful thirty-five-year-old man sitting across the table from me.