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Scott Eastwood – Like Father, Like Son

Scott Eastwood – Like Father, Like Son

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NOBLEMAN – It’s another perfect sunny morning in Southern California as I snake my way down the Pacific Coast Highway for a meeting with movie star Scott Eastwood. (Since he’s the son of film legend Clint Eastwood, here’s an obligatory reference to Hollywood royalty.) The meeting spot is the spectacular Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club. The resort has become an icon in the renowned coastal community of Dana Point, California.

No topic for the upcoming discussion has been placed off-limits. The horizon is clear and open, and I’m interested in getting to know more about this intriguing figure. What was it like growing up with a mega-famous father? Were huge expectations placed upon him? How did Scott transform himself from bartender to successful model to international movie star?

I’m excited as I approach the private beach club. This is a jewel of a location, nestled right against the Pacific Ocean. For centuries, even millennia, humans have had a love affair with the beach—a place that can be both life-giving and life-changing, where rich sensory experiences are as ancient as the Earth itself, yet fresh and enticing. The photography for the cover shoot takes place mostly on the sand, but we sit down for our chat at an indoor-outdoor bar area, where we experience the ocean breeze in laid-back luxury.

Meanwhile, a delightful whirlwind of activity unfolds. Talented folks do jobs from handling photography equipment to laying out catering—all the important behind-the-scenes activity that goes into creating content. Even though people are busy, the mood is breezy and light, just like the ambiance. Everyone seems excited and grateful just to be working again!

So here we are, sitting at a nice large table that overlooks the beach. The early morning air is cool, but not as cool as the charismatic, handsome, and successful thirty-five-year-old man sitting across the table from me.

Scott Eastwood Is Giving Away Ethereum NFTs for Charity—If You Chug a Beer

Scott Eastwood Is Giving Away Ethereum NFTs for Charity—If You Chug a Beer

DECRYPTThe “Suicide Squad” star and son of Clint Eastwood shared why he was hesitant to jump into crypto—and what changed his mind.
Scott Eastwood is no crypto bro.

The actor has just partnered with Pastel to give away free Scott Eastwood Ethereum NFTs, but was hesitant to get into NFTs because of the scams that pervade crypto.

In an exclusive interview with Decrypt, the star of “Suicide Squad,” “Fate of the Furious,” and “Pacific Rim” shared his concerns. “I’ve been so weary,” Eastwood says. “Just seeing a lot of pump-and-dump scams and not really wanting to put my feet in the water until I sort of understood it.”

NFTs—the blockchain-based tokens that signify ownership over an asset like digital art—are controversial in the entertainment industry, to say the least. While beloved by many in music and film, NFTs have also prompted a lot of “monkey JPEG” vitriol and fueled nightmare visions of burning rainforests in the minds of misinformed skeptics.


But after connecting with Pastel Network co-founder Anthony Georgiades, Eastwood came around to NFTs and is launching 25 of his own via Pastel’s SmartMint tool.

Eastwood—who’s also an entrepreneur in his own right with an all-American beer company called MadeHere—will release three monthly NFT drops from October to December. The first is pop culture-inspired stylized portraits of Scott Eastwood by the artist Paul Gerben, who has previously worked with Pastel and has done commissioned physical art for the likes of Clint Eastwood, Jimmy Fallon, Howard Stern, and Dave Chappelle.

The NFT portraits will depict Scott Eastwood as a range of different comic book and pop culture icons like Wolverine, The Flash, and Rambo.

Eastwood says these NFTs will also unlock IRL benefits. Owning one of the portraits might grant holders exclusive perks like signed Eastwood memorabilia or tickets to exclusive premieres.

Eastwood’s second NFT drop will feature a still from one of Eastwood’s movies and will grant holders access to never-before-seen stills, memorabilia from the movie, and a donation in their name to their favorite veterans or armed forces charity.


Fans who want to get ahold of Eastwood’s third NFT drop will have to complete the “Eastwood Challenge” on social media.

While it might sound like a viral TikTok trend (a la Pink Sauce), the Eastwood Challenge is pretty wholesome—though it does involve beer. Hopefuls will have to film themselves shotgunning a beer and then describe their favorite charity without burping. In return, Pastel will donate to the winners’ charities.

You burp? You lose.

Goodbye, Gatekeepers

Now that he’s come around to NFTs, how does Eastwood feel about Hollywood going Web3?

“It shifts power back to the artist,” Eastwood said of Hollywood producers like Niels Juul and Bryan Unkeless, who are funding projects with NFTs to get around film financing gatekeepers. “That’s the ultimate for an artist, you know, to have control and have it be tailored by the people and the market,” he said.

Despite being a billion-dollar industry, NFTs are still a new frontier. In Eastwood’s view, that makes it impossible for anyone to truly be an expert. “I’m so new to the space, and I think everyone is kind of stumbling through it, if I’m being really honest,” Eastwood said. “You know, there’s a lot of ‘experts’ out there, I think, but there’s really no experts at all, right? The space is in its infancy stages.”

Still, Eastwood thinks digital art is here to stay—and that NFTs could revolutionize the way we verify and store data like medical records and real estate.

He now says to anyone as wary of NFTs as he was: “Art is meant to be debated, talked about, looked at, enjoyed. That’s something I think will never go away.”

Aspen Brewing Co. at center of Scott Eastwood’s new American-made beer brand

Aspen Brewing Co. at center of Scott Eastwood’s new American-made beer brand

Part-time Aspenite Dane Chapin, actor Scott Eastwood partnered to create the “Made Here Beer” brand
Before Don Bryant met Dane Chapin face to face, the two brought their business entities and unique skills together to craft a new Aspen-brewed beer brand that celebrates the American worker.

“We sat right at that table and that was the first time we ever met, and the first time we ever tasted the beer together, and we were shipping it the next week,” Bryant said, pointing to one of the Aspen Tap patio tables at their Saturday launch party. “It’s been a crazy turn of events. You don’t often get partnerships and friendships with movie stars to align. And it’s not about money or other stuff. We are doing this because we love it.”

Bryant is the CEO of Legacy Breweries — operating under the offshoot High Country Brewing LLC name — which in fall 2019 bought Aspen Brewing Co. that runs Aspen Tap in downtown Aspen. He recently partnered with Chapin — as well as his wife, Katherine — a California-based entrepreneur who calls Aspen his second home, as well as actor Scott Eastwood, son of famed actor and director Clint Eastwood, to bring the “Made Here Beer” brand to life.

Among their other endeavors, the Chapins are responsible for many versions of the board game Monopoly, including the Aspen edition.

“I’ve started a lot of different businesses. I had this crazy idea five years ago to create a company that celebrates America at its best. One thing led to another and we came up with the idea of ‘Made Here,’” Dane Chapin said. “More than 90% of all beer consumed in the U.S. has some foreign component to it, whether it’s foreign-owned or has foreign ingredients. So we wanted something that really pays respect to the American worker, all they do and all the hard work. There is nothing more celebratory than beer.”

Eastwood, a fellow Californian who became friends with Chapin through a few real estate deals many years ago, is the other half of the “Made Here” company that focuses on creating 100% made and manufactured American products. The creation of a beer brand under that label is their most recent step, and Aspen is center stage.

Because Chapin has no background in brewing beer, he partnered with Bryant back in November to make it happen. The “Made Here Beer” is mostly made in the Aspen Brewing Co. brewery located at the Aspen Business Center, with a second brewery located in Denver to serve the Front Range.

“We got a pretty amazing product that we are all really proud of,” Eastwood said in a phone interview with The Aspen Times on Saturday. “Dane and I go way back. … He was going to celebrate America by building a company around American manufacturing and keeping it all here. I really loved the idea and the concept. So we went off to the races. Beer was sort of a next step, because what is more American than beer, and we both like beer.”

Read the rest of the article at the Aspen Times website!

Charlie Day, Jenny Slate to Star in Amazon Rom-Com ‘I Want You Back’

Charlie Day, Jenny Slate to Star in Amazon Rom-Com ‘I Want You Back’

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Gina Rodriguez, Scott Eastwood, and Manny Jacinto will also star in the feature form ‘Love, Simon’ writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger.
Charlie Day and Jenny Slate are set to lead an Amazon rom-com from the writers behind Love, Simon and This Is Us.

Gina Rodriguez, Scott Eastwood, Manny Jacinto and Clark Backo will also star in the project that will be directed by Jason Orley (Big Time Adolescence) from a script by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger.

The story follows Emma (Slate) and Peter (Day), who thought they were on the precipice of life’s biggest moments — marriage, kids and houses in the suburbs — until their respective partners dumped them. In their 30s and terrified they have missed their shot at happily ever after, Emma and Peter are horrified to learn that their partners have already moved on. With no prospects on the horizon and the threat of dying alone hanging over their heads, they hatch a desperate plan to put an end to their exes’ new relationships and win them back.

Jami Gertz, Jordan Carlos, Midori Francis, Mason Gooding, Isabel May and Luke David Blumm round out the movie, which is due to begin shooting early next month in Atlanta.